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Solar Panel Efficiency

Which solar panels are the most efficient?

Currently the top manufacturers include LG, Sunpower, Panasonic and Qcell

  • LG up to 21.1% efficiency
  • Sunpower up to 22.8% efficiency
  • Panasonic up to 19.7% efficiency
  • Qcell up to 19.6% efficiency

Note: Solar panel efficiency is less important than the cost per watt and value of the companies warranty.

Some of the best rated solar panel manufacturers from 5-10 years ago are no longer in business.  That said, what good is the warranty now and who do you call?


This same logic should be applied to the inverters as well as your installer.  One of the growing issues within the industry, which we highlight in this article (What to do if your solar installer disappears?), is when people attempt to reach their installer only to find they are out of business and they are left orphaned without a company to rely on for service.


At Palomar Solar and Roofing we estimate 90% of the our inquiries are customers looking for someone to service their previously installed system because the company no longer exists.


Upon initial contact with Palomar, one of our certificated solar experts will take the time to hear your story and explain our service fee structure. We’ll gather some basic information crucial for us to assess your situation and determine potential solutions. At the completion of this initial phase, we’ll have a much better understand of how we can help.


The most common type of solar cells for panels are those made of?

Crystalline silicon (containing both monocrystalline and polycrystalline), and panels made from thin film technology.


How efficient are solar panels?

Average efficiency of solar panels falls between the 15 to 18 %.


Solar Panel production by month

When are solar panels most efficient?

Best months for solar production

The month of April is often the most productive month for solar due to the length of the day balanced with cooler weather, allowing the panels to perform at their peak.  The summer months April through September will produce twice as much power as the period from October thru March.




Solar Panel direction

Where are solar panels most efficient?

Best direction to face solar panels




The preferred placement for solar panels is south to south west facing, but not all homes have the space necessary in these directions, therefore eastern facing placement may be necessary as well.  Care should always be taken when considering a northern orientation as the output is noticeably lower.


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