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At Palomar, no part of your project is sub-contracted. The dedicated staff at Palomar Solar will handle every aspect of your project from start to finish. Our team will draw plans, obtain city or county permits, install and have your system interconnected with your utility provider.

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We share similar values (customer service, accountability, communication) with our client, Waxie. They hardly knew when our team was on site. It was not all roses and there were some issues along the way with equipment. But in the end we completed a month ahead of schedule and not one change order was written. The payback on this 1260 panel system was less than three years.

They were so happy they awarded us another contract of 900 solar panels to be installed on a distribution center in Ontario, CA. We can’t thank Waxie enough for the opportunity and continued invaluable business relationship!

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NEM 2.0 in Southern California Edison Territory

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NEM 2.0 With less than 30 days left to get under the NEM 1.0 umbrella in SCE territory, we have limited ...

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