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The History of Palomar Solar

Our first system for Palomar Solar was installed on founder Dwight Anderson’s home in 2009. Dwight wanted the best system he could find and after extensive research realized that he knew more than the majority of companies he reached out to.  That’s when he decided to not only do his own installation but to start Palomar Solar in an effort to better educate the public about solar. To this day all of the systems we have installed are based on our continued commitment to excellence and staying ahead of advancements in a rapidly changing industry.

At Palomar Solar, we handle all of the paperwork and documentation for you, including processing City/County Permits, Utility Interconnections and State Rebates when available. Your project is professionally handled from start to finish and we pay close attention to all details of the build, as aesthetics are just as important to us as your energy savings.

When your project is complete, and you are 100% satisfied, our job does not end. We are still monitoring your system on a daily basis. When you choose enPhase micro-inverters and Palomar Solar, you always receive the benefit of on-line per panel monitoring.  We are available to answer any of your questions regarding your production and or utility billing.  At Palomar Solar our job doesn’t end when the project passes inspection, this is a long term relationship and we look forward to welcoming you to the Palomar family.

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At Palomar, no part of your project is sub-contracted. The dedicated staff at Palomar Solar will handle every aspect of your project from start to finish. Our team will draw plans, obtain city or county permits, install and have your system interconnected with your utility provider.

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