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The number one thing overlooked by home and business owners when choosing a solar contractor is per solar panel monitoring included.

It is very important when getting proposals that you ask if solar panel monitoring is included and not just in writing in the solar proposal but the contract. I’m not just talking about system output monitoring that gives you limited access and only shows the output of the system as a whole. Ask your consultant to show you the systems they are currently monitoring; chances are, they do not offer “per solar panel” monitoring. By choosing Palomar Solar and EnPhase micro-inverters, per solar panel monitoring is always included as long as you have access to the internet. This is by far the best way to insure all your panels and inverters are working correctly and hold all parties accountable for the warranties they are offering.

  • Standard solar monitoring: Most companies provide some sort of monitor that shows total output of the system, but stops short of showing a smaller panel level issue. They don’t want you to call for a small issue, as such you will only know of a catastrophic failure. The number one phone call we receive is from homeowners who went with another company and now their electric bill seams higher than normal but the company that installed points to the system as whole output monitoring and says everything is working fine. But if you have a bad panel or two you would never be able to hold them accountable and that’s just the way they like it. With our systems you would be alerted via e-mail as well as us as to a specific panel problem. This is the only way to hold a company accountable and protect your investment. Palomar Solar is held to a higher standard and we have an excellent reputation. You can feel great about choosing Palomar Solar.
  • Lease solar monitoring: When leasing a system from our competitors you should receive a basic system monitoring in order to see if they reach their production goals, but you will not get per panel monitoring because they don’t want you to call about a low production panel that is only affecting your performance by 5%. The dirty secret is that most leases only guarantee 80%-90% of a systems theoretical output. But they love telling you they “guarantee” the production.
  • Palomar per solar panel monitoring: All Palomar Solar systems come with Enphase per solar panel monitoring. You need to know the difference. Make sure the language “Per panel monitoring” is in writing in your contract. Not just the word monitoring.
Per Panel Monitoring

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