Palomar Solar and Roofing

Do you already have solar on your home but wish you had more panels because your electric bill keeps increasing?

In the past, the most you could add was 1KW (which is only 1 to 3 solar panels) without kicking you into a worse utility agreement.

Did you add an electric vehicle, air conditioning, a pool? Or are you simply just using more electricity than before and shocked again with your new electric bill?  We now have a solution for those who may not have bought a large enough system to begin with.

It was just announced that a new non-export system can be added to an existing solar system. This means if you are a NEM1 or NEM2 customer and you’d like to take advantage of additional roof space to further reduce your electric bill, we now have a real solution for you.

Best of all…it qualifies for another 30% federal tax credit. Our goal from day one has been to help folks make great solar decisions whether they choose us or not. I guarantee a professional, no pressure consultation will not be a waste of your time.

If you’re interested, call us at (760) 504-0388