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Inverters: Enphase – Microinverter Technology

Enphase Microinverters

Enphase Inverters

Unfortunately, research shows that only about 10% or less of solar companies monitor their installed systems, even fewer will turn on the per panel monitoring feature, Palomar Solar always does. We even believe in taking it a step further and granting YOU access to monitor your system as well. While most companies hope you never call after you write the final check, Palomar Solar cares about your long-term positive experience and highly recommends you utilize Enphase microinverters whether you choose Palomar or not. Every single residential installation will have lifetime per panel monitoring with Palomar Solar, the per panel monitoring is currently the best on the market, holding all parties accountable and protecting your long-term investment.

You no longer need a big box (central or string inverter) mounted on the side of your home. Enphase microinverters are individual inverters that are mounted underneath each solar panel. All you have is a single piece of conduit that is run from the array to your main electrical panel, making the most aesthetically pleasing installation possible. Palomar Solar will even paint the conduit (homeowner must supply the paint, thus ensuring matching colors).

Palomar Solar was one of the first companies in Southern California to embrace Enphase solar products having installed our first system in 2009. This is significant because we can show you real life production going back further than anyone. Palomar Solar is the leader in Enphase installations in Southern California and the first contractor recognized as an Enphase Platinum Installer. As a designated Platinum installer our warranties include labor.  Be sure to only hire an Enphase recommended Platinum installer.

Shade and defects do not affect Enphase microinverters like they do a central inverter. Imagine the power production lost while waiting on a service call and not sure where the problem lies. With Enphase, both the homeowner and Palomar monitor the system daily, if a problem should arise, both parties would know beforehand which panel or inverter needed servicing and you’ve only lost the production of that one panel, not your entire system.

Racking: Roof Mounts or Ground Mounts

The forgotten piece of the puzzle. Make sure you to ask any contractor about the different options you have when it comes to racking.

Racking is the balance of any solar installation and the components that go into it are very important. If a contractor goes with low quality racking it can have major effects on a project ie; racking attachment, accessories, roof attachments etc. For example, roof attachments not lasting and even possible roof leaks. Racking not only can change the aesthetics of an install but even wire sizing can make a difference in your system’s production, albeit minuscule. Palomar Solar does not choose a product based on its popularity. We look at each job and decide what racking option is the best solution for that project. 

Palomar Solar is constantly researching new innovations and companies. PV solar is a fast moving industry, similar to computers and cell phones. Therefore, with racking, much like panels and inverters, we will constantly be looking at new solutions that better serve our customers. You won’t ever see a contract with the specific racking called out in it, but it’s still an integral piece and a quality contractor should be able to explain what they intend to use and why.

Palomar Solar does not recommend building a house on top of sand or a solar system on top of just any racking system.

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