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When the Brunt family first reached out to Palomar Solar back in 2014 they needed servicing on an existing system that had a ton of issues, from a company that was no longer around. We see this time and time again, homeowners calling Palomar Solar because a defunct company will no longer answer their phone.


At this time, the Brunt family really actually needed a whole new system but weren’t quite ready to make the purchase and really not ready to accept that they weren’t getting what was promised out the system they were originally sold.  The Brunt’s called out several local companies, but none of them wanted to take the time to figure out a solution. We wanted to help the Brunt family and agreed to replace the panels that were no longer producing, knowing that this would hold up for a little while but nothing long term as the system as a whole starting to fail.

Sure enough, Mrs. Brunt reached out to us again towards the end of 2016, asking for a few panels to be replaced. After much thought and revisiting the Brunt’s system Dwight “Andy” Anderson, owner of Palomar Solar decided that the system was too old and at this point unsafe to work on. That’s when he asked Erik Zetmeir, one of our most experienced energy consultants to handle this account and together they came up with a solution for the Brunt Family that everyone was comfortable with, as Erik explains below in his own words.

“Over the past 5 years of working in the PV industry, I have had many jobs that I found exceptionally rewarding. The Brunt Residence is one of those jobs. Here was a homeowner that had previously installed a PV system over 10 years ago from a company who has been long out of business. In addition, the manufacturers of the panels and inverters that they were sold had also gone out of business. Their system was producing only 10% of what was promised.  Mr. Brunt was getting ready to retire and wanted to make sure his home was energy independent for his ‘golden’ years. Once I met with the Brunt’s and heard their story, I felt compelled to help them with their problem.  With the help of my Project Management team, we came up with an affordable solution that allowed the Brunt’s to get a new system and keep their NEM 1.0 status. It was a great win-win for everyone!”

Mrs. Brunt has been so happy with her new system from Palomar Solar (which by the way is producing beautifully). She can see every day what her system is producing and protect her investment with per panel monitoring with Palomar Solar and Enphase microinverters. Her install looks clean and has 25-year bumper to bumper warranties with a company that is reputable and honest.

“When Palomar Solar did my install, it wasn’t the first time I had dealt with them. They came out and serviced my existing system (that was installed by another contractor) when no other company would touch it. They were always upfront, honest and communicative. This is what sold us on Palomar Solar when it came time for us to get a new system installed. Erik Zetmeir was our assigned energy consultant he was so on top of things, always there to answer any questions in detail. Whether It was via phone or email or coming out to the house. Once we decided to move forward with the installation Erik made sure everything went seamlessly. Every single person we have dealt with at Palomar Solar has been so enjoyable from Erik, the girls in the office to the crews they have sent out to our home. I can’t say enough good things about Palomar Solar.”

– Marcia Brunt, Valley Center, CA


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