Palomar Solar and Roofing

In 2019, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) created the California Solar Consumer Protection Guide to aid consumers with everything they “need to know” before investing in solar.  This guide was meant to be supplied to and signed by the customer during the sales process.

Although contractors were technically required to submit signed consumer guide there weren’t consequences for noncompliance until this year. If the IOUs find that contractors are not uploading completed and signed documents, they will be added to a public list of noncompliant installers for that quarter and one following.  Additionally, the IOUs will manually audit the interconnection applications of noncompliant installers during their semi-annual spot-checks. In California, residential interconnection applications are usually reviewed almost immediately by IOUs.

Palomar Solar’s Stance

We understand and support the CPUC’s need to enforce the guide as most contractors shy away from sharing this information with potential solar clients.  Palomar Solar and Roofing has always supplied and explained the guide to clients.  As a contractor in 100% compliance with this law, it has only validated our belief in giving all information and helping clients make a well-informed decision.  In fact, it aids our team and demonstrates our transparency when customers realize the other four companies they already met with were supposed to give them this  guide and did not.  What else are they hiding?

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