Palomar Solar and Roofing

In July of 2019, Nathan Stone was vacationing in Cabo, Mexico when had experienced an unfortunate diving accident resulting in a broken neck.  Initially the injury left Nathan with no feeling or response below the neck.   He was immediately rushed to surgery and after extensive neurosurgery procedures, was able to regain feeling and movement in his shoulders.  Through his recovery journey and rehab, Nathan has been able to move his biceps, elbow flexors, along with partial movement in his wrists.

An injury of this nature requires significant modification to the family residence.  While obvious upgrades include wheelchairs ramps, it was also determined that the Stone family’s current solar implementation was insignificant for their new way of life.

The Need for a New System

Based on a referral from a previously satisfied client, the Stones invited Palomar Solar to their house for a consultation.  During the initial visit, the Stones shared the history of the diving accident with Palomar’s Senior Consultant, Erik Zetmeir and explained that Nathan was confined to his wheelchair.  His current situation requires both special equipment and medication, and in the event of a power outage, this would put his life at risk.  The Stone’s had a contractor-grade PV system installed when the home was built.  Unfortunately, the inverter technology included was not compatible with Enphase’s Ensemble Battery.  The Palomar Solar team proposed the removal of the existing solar implementation and upgrade the system to the Enphase IQ inverters that are now compatible with the Ensemble Battery.

Palomar Solar Steps Up to Help

Upon hearing of the situation and urgent need required by the Stones, Palomar Solar Owner Andy Anderson decided to act.  Long known for their generosity during the Miramar Airshows where full solar systems are given away to a few select service members, Palomar Solar partnered with Enphase to put together a system that would provide the Stone’s with a system solving their short-term and long-term requirements.  Furthermore, the system would be given to the Stones free of charge!


How will this help the Stones?

Once the SDGE electrical grid is operational, their batter will discharge every afternoon at 4 PM helping to reduce/eliminate the peak demand charges from power utilities. The additional benefit is in the event of a power outage, planned or unplanned, the Stones can rest assured knowing that they will have power to the essential equipment in their home.  This system is designed to offset over 115% of the previous 12-months consumption.