Palomar Solar and Roofing

Palomar Solar has collaborated on home energy technologies with Enphase Energy for years, and are now expanding the Enphase Storage products they offer their customers. Enphase Energy is a global energy management technology company and the world’s leading supplier of micro inverter-based solar-plus-storage systems. Palomar Solar is a leading solar installation company based in Southern California. This exciting collaboration means that Palomar Solar clients receive not only the easiest installation, but also the highest quality technology from Enphase Energy. 

Palomar Solar has been bringing solar energy to Southern California since 2009. The company offers full service solar and energy storage solutions for customers, making it easy to convert your home or business to solar energy. Palomar also helps with solar installation by managing permits, rebates, utility interconnection, and even providing professional roofing! 

Enphase Energy develops solar panels and energy storage devices. These products mean that even if the grid goes down you’ll have enough energy stored to power your home or business. When the grid is up, clients save significantly on their power bills. Plus, Enphase Energy stores only low-voltage DC power, has intelligent features to automatically back up power if storms are predicted for your area, and has an easy-to-use app that makes it possible to always know how much energy you have. 

The partnership allows Palomar Solar to provide feedback and testing data on Enphase products from their clients. Enphase utilizes this information to better evaluate their designs and serve their customers. As the first Enphase Platinum installer in San Diego, Palomar Solar is able to provide deep product knowledge, end-to-end customer service, and the best solar products to their clients. 

“We value the close-knit working relationship with the business and technical teams at Enphase, and I believe they have the best solar technology in the world and continue to work for the benefit of both companies,” said Andy Anderson, owner and founder of Palomar Solar and Roofing. “To ensure that we can provide maximum value to our homeowners, we have integrated Enphase Storage with our full suite of customer services. With Enphase Storage, we have experienced a surge in demand from customers.”

Want to learn more about this exciting collaboration? Read the press release in full here. For more information about solar in San Diego, California, visit Palomar Solar, and to learn more about Enphase Storage visit the Enphase website.