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Are Solar Panels Harmful To The Environment?

Solar panels are designed to absorb the sun’s rays as a source of energy for generating electricity or heating. The increasing cost of electricity has led many home owners to question if installing solar panels is the right decision for them. That said many wonder are solar panels eco-friendly and do they have a potential for a negative impact on the environment.

Solar Panels Eco-Friendly Benefits

Most energy comes from fossil fuels or nuclear power, but solar power has become a major player in the world of clean energy.

  • Solar panels create no greenhouse gases  
  • Solar panels are now not only an option for sunny environments
  • Solar panels are slowly becoming adopted by many big businesses that typically use a lot of energy resources

Solar Energy Impact vs. Fossil Fuels

When choosing solar panels you become much more environmentally friendly over power sources that use fossil fuels. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory states that each household that switches to solar energy stops 7.7 tons of toxic greenhouse gases from being released.

The biggest concern for most people interested in solar panels is whether the disposal process is harmful to the environment. Manufacturing companies have developed ways to make solar products easier to dispose of, and easier on the environment. Many of the chemicals have great potential for recycling because of their value. When manufacturers have incentives to recycle these materials, they will keep costs down. New technology also has paved the way for the use of organic products that have less of an environmental impact.

If you are thinking of solar power as an option, you will find that it is an eco-friendly choice.

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