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Understanding Your Home Solar Power Quote Process?

Palomar Solar has installed solar systems all over Southern California and understands what each city or county expects, as they are all different. We are not learning at your expense or delays. Chances are we have a system installed within miles of your home. 

First Steps in the Solar Power Quote Process

One of the first steps in the solar power quote process is establishing that home solar panels are going produce the power required to operate your home and be cost effective.

We start by getting information directly from you, to help us analyze what you can expect from your home solar system.

  • View your current utility bill & usage
  • We consider where your home is located geographically 
  • Home much of your home’s roof is shaded, if any

We will then take that information to determine what type of solar system is right for your energy use. Our solar advisor will present you with all the facts regarding your new system. This includes not only the cost, but what you will be able to save month over month, and we will help you understand your rebate options if available.

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