Palomar Solar and Roofing

With strong winds dying down, evacuations lifted, and the Lilac Fire being 95% contained, we are having many of our customers reach out for assistance. As always, we are happy to help. This hit home for us, over 50 of our customers and several of our employee’s homes and animals were in the path of the Lilac Fires destruction.

Our first inspection of damaged homes was at one of our customer’s ranches located directly on Lilac Road.

Luckily, in this case, we were able to tell SDG&E that her solar was safe and that her home and property were ready to be reenergized. Something to be happy about while in the midst of accessing her damage, and figuring out where she is going to stable her evacuated horses (currently at the Del Mar Fairgrounds along with 800 other evacuated horses) while she rebuilds on her property.

As we continue to help our customers assess their electrical damage we want our Palomar Solar family to know our hearts and thoughts are with any of them that have been affected by the Southern California Wildfires and we are always here to help if they should need it.

The fire may be under containment but there are still things to be aware of as Cal Fire states in the tips listed below.

Cal Fire released tips for anyone allowed into the burn zone:

  • Watch for hot spots which may flare up
  • Avoid damaged power poles or lines and downed wires
  • Report electrical damage to others
  • Watch for ash pits
  • Avoid burned trees and power poles
  • Check the stability of trees on your property
  • Hazardous materials and structural damage pose a threat to your health and safety