Palomar Solar and Roofing

Palomar Solar feels honored and proud that the owners of Laser Electric chose Palomar Solar to be the contractor for the solar installation on their personal homes.


Laser Electric has been one of the top commercial and industrial electrical contractors in the Southern California region for the last 30 years, they are family owned with an excellent reputation and similar values to Palomar Solar.

We were given this opportunity based on word of mouth, all the way from Lake Havasu, AZ to San Diego, CA. We take our reputation very seriously, homeowners really trust Palomar Solar, enough to put their investment in our hands. We installed a beautiful 40-panel ground mount on owner Kevin Hartnett’s property in Poway, CA. This solar installation will give Mr. Hartnett a lifetime savings of over $400,000. The install was seamless and it was wonderful working with the Hartnett family. Next up we will be doing a rooftop solar installation on his son’s home in Escondido, CA.


Thank you for the glowing testimonial, Mr. Hartnett!


To all the great staff at Palomar Solar,

We are thrilled to have our new Solar PV System running and producing energy. All of you at Palomar made the entire process easy from planning & engineering, permitting & HOA approval, to installation, clean-up, and commissioning of the system. From the very start when I met Andy Anderson, I felt confident that we were working with true professionals who knew their business very well. We were very impressed with the professionalism and clarity of the proposal documents and how quickly the system was engineered for planning and permits.

 Our system is a 40-panel ground mount array and it was installed in less than 2 weeks from start to finish including final inspection. Your field guys were also very good and the quality of the installation is excellent. We were impressed with how well they cleaned up after themselves when the project was done.

 We highly recommend Palomar Solar and would welcome any calls for questions about Palomar or our system



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