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Since 1872 people have set aside the last Friday of April to plant thousands of trees across the country and in more recent years, even internationally.

But why only take one day out of the year to celebrate trees and the wonderful impact they have on our environment?

By installing a solar system on your home, business or church you can contribute to the environment each and every day. According to The U.S. Department of Energy and the EPA, the average home solar system offsets the same amount of CO2 as over 100 trees per year.

Take a look at the home solar system below, located in Del Mar, CA.  This 9.92 kW DC system received Permission to Operate from San Diego Gas & Electric in August of 2016. Just in 8 months it has produced enough energy to power 353 houses for 1 day each and offset 7.38 tons of carbon…that’s the equivalent of 189 trees!!! Not even one year into production and the environmental benefits are already huge. If you want to weigh in ALL the benefits, this homeowner has a 1-year utility savings of $6,000 (lifetime Utility savings will be $639,000).



We also installed two commercial solar systems for Waxie Sanitary Supply at their San Diego and Ontario locations in 2014.  Waxie is committed to reducing and conserving energy usage, they are a local leader in California and we were honored they chose to go green with Palomar. They have been more than satisfied with their solar production, utility savings – San Diego already has saved $234,000 in two years and Ontario is at a savings of $136,000 just in the last 18 months, and the environmental benefits. Here are some fun numbers for the Waxie San Diego project, from the last year alone.

  • Generated over 700 Megawatts of energy 
  • Reduced 365 tons of CO
  • Produces enough energy in per day for a Segway to travel 3.3 million miles
  • Produces enough energy in per for an electric car to travel 769,479 miles
  • Produces enough energy to power 365 houses for a year
  • Saved 876 Barrels of oil

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