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At Palomar Solar, we truly believe in the value of the customer experience. We are known for our top notch customer service and accountability. This fun neighborhood solar installation all started from word of mouth.

Dwight “Andy” Anderson, owner of Palomar Solar is known as the solar guru amongst other river goers in Lake Havasu, where Andy likes to spend his weekends when time permits.

While Andy normally stays away from the “sales” end of things – he is 100% involved in every aspect of each installation at Palomar Solar and always will take a phone call, answer questions and offer his best advice to any homeowner that comes our way.

What started out as one homeowner (that got Andy’s name from fellow river goers) interested in solar, quickly turned into a domino effect of neighbors wanting to go solar with a reputable company that has the homeowners best interest in mind. Within five minutes of talking with Andy, you can tell the type of person he is, straight to the point and honest. These homeowners caught on to that quickly and it wasn’t long before four neighbors on one street canceled their contracts with different solar contractors and were signed up with Palomar Solar. All of them ended up saving money while getting a better system. Palomar Solar enjoys doing right by people and in this case a whole neighborhood.

We got the four neighbors done last week in three days, meanwhile, two more neighbors decided to sign with us as well. So we will soon see 6 contiguous homes by Palomar Solar, and we have the feeling it won’t stop there.

“This is a fun project and these were great people to work with. This really is a great neighborhood for solar, the builder almost planned on it. I am proud of my crews work and even happier with the messages received from the homeowners involved once we were done.” Said Andy.

“Good evening Andy. I wanted to reach out to you and let you know how happy we are with your company and crew members. We have had a great experience with your team, they were communicative and respectful of our home. They kept us in the loop on what they were working on and if there was going to be any impact on our household. They were polite and they never left any trash/tools around our home when they left each day. I think your team really reflect on who you are as a leader, thank you for making this process so seamless and easy. We are so excited that we decided to select your company for our solar vendor. We look forward to working with you in the future and providing feedback/referrals on social media.”     Rob L.  – Eastvale, CA

We finished way ahead of schedule, all inspections passed and these customers are already receiving permission to operate from the Utility – Southern California Edison.

We can’t thank the homeowners in Eastvale enough for choosing Palomar Solar as their contractor. We look forward to continuing to be your solar provider as we believe we are entering a 25-year relationship with our customers as soon as we install solar on their home or business.

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