Palomar Solar and Roofing


Last week Raghu Belur, Co-Founder and Vice President of Products and Strategic Initiatives of Enphase Energy stopped by the Palomar Solar headquarters. We had a chance to rack his brain and listen to his plan for the future of not just solar, but more importantly the future of energy, in his eyes.

Growing up in a house full of engineers it’s no surprise that Raghu is such an innovator, thinking of the big picture at all times. Enphase is his 5th start up and is easily perceived to be his pride and joy. With over 130 patents filled and half a million systems in over 100 countries, Enphase has made quite the name for itself and without a doubt will continue to do so.

Enphase has already set the standard for microinverters and is now introducing battery backup along with the future of fully integrated, adaptable microinveters. Raghu’s priority is creating a total energy solution for homes and businesses through development of new products, features and services. Like Raghu said “There’s a reason we didn’t name the company Enphase Solar, we named it Enphase Energy.” There he is again with that bigger picture.

Understanding the power of technology is a key factor for the future, especially in solar. He realizes it’s very unrealistic to expect that things will be operating the same in 20 years from now. With an adaptable system that is fully integrated evolving with technology you can feel good about your investment staying current. In his own words, “You’re selling a 20-year bond that pays annuities over 20 years and you want to make sure that you’re indeed still generating that annuity five years from now.” Makes perfect sense to us.

It was so inspiring to hear Raghu’s plans for the future, reminding us of how rapidly solar technology and energy are changing and how essential it is to adapt with it. At Palomar Solar we keep an open mind welcoming these advances, analyzing, understanding and presenting them to our customers to continue bringing them the latest technology, at reasonable costs.