Palomar Solar and Roofing


Most companies will not educate the homeowner on the different options available when it comes to racking. Like solar panels and inverters, there are options in racking as well and they are just as important to consider.

Palomar Solar does not choose a product based on its popularity.  We look at each job and decide which racking option is the best solution for that particular project.  For instance, if you are in the market for a ground mount, we currently recommend Haticon Solar ground mount solutions, as we believe it represents the best ground mount racking in the market today.  For roof mounts, when working with tile, we recommend a solution from Everest that encompasses their tile hook along with their racking.

Palomar Solar is constantly researching new innovations and companies.  PV solar is a fast moving industry, similar to computers and cell phones; therefore, with racking and all other aspects we will constantly be looking at new solutions that better serve our customers.

Palomar Solar does not recommend building a house on top of sand or a solar system on top of just any racking system, do your research and find out which racking system will stand the test of time with your panels, inverters and home.

Remember, just like anything else, you get what you pay for.

 Do you want to learn more about racking options for your home or business? Call us today to talk to a qualified energy consultant.