Palomar Solar and Roofing

Solar has been around long enough that the cream of the crop companies are emerging.  If a solar company has been around at least five years and has an excellent reputation with experience and good ethics you can feel comfortable doing business with them.

However, what is their reputation based on?  Did you know most solar companies do not monitor the systems they install?  And the 10% who do only monitor the entire systems output as a whole.  So if you have an under performing solar panel you would never know.  And that’s what they prefer, no accountability.  The number one phone call we receive is from homeowners who had a system installed by another solar company, and their electric bill has gone up, and they’re convinced something is wrong yet the companies tell them everything is fine because the system as a whole is producing power.  It’s driving people crazy not being able to prove something specific in their system isn’t performing.

Palomar Solar has been installing and monitoring each individual solar panel for more than six years; over 25,000 units.  Every customer receives per solar panel monitoring with their system to hold us accountable, we are strongly committed to our customers.  It’s the only way to protect your investment!

If you’re in the market for going solar we suggest you do your homework on the solar company you plan to use. Read reviews especially between the lines, check with the CLSB, how long has your salesperson been with the company etc. But dig a little further, what happens after your solar system is installed and the breakers are turned ON, who will answer your call then?

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