Palomar Solar and Roofing

Palomar Solar is the first solar contractor to be recognized as an Enphase Premium Installer, we deliver the best solar technology for our customers and reporting detail that is unmatched by other solar providers.

“Switching primarily to Enphase over six years ago was one of the best business decisions we have made. Being able to share per solar panel monitoring on over 600 systems with potential clients is invaluable.”
– Adam Rizzo, Co-Founder of Palomar Solar

We have installed over 600 solar power systems with Enphase per panel monitoring with holding all parties accountable for the 25 year warranties. Not only do you have 24-7 access to your monitoring via your home computer or mobile apps, but we monitor your system as well. Without per panel monitoring you are in the dark with your return on investment.

The number one call that we get are from frustrated homeowners who have their home solar systems installed by contractors that don’t offer per panel monitoring. This makes troubleshooting a system very difficult. Avoid pulling out your hair with per panel monitoring, 10% of contractors give monitoring (not at the panel level) and 90% hope they never hear from you again, we are not going to be that contractor. We have long term relationships with our customers as well as our partners, you can rest confident in knowing that we are an Enphase Premium Installer and want to be held accountable at the per panel level, with Palomar Solar and Enphase Energy you can expect the highest level of service.

Head on over to our Premium Installer page at Enphase Energy to learn more about per panel monitoring with Palomar Solar and how it can help you and your family.