Palomar Solar and Roofing

 Do solar panels have to go on a South-facing roof?

South and West facing roofs are ideal for solar. East facing roofs also benefit greatly from solar with a slight difference in energy production. When designing a system, Palomar Solar’s drafting team takes into consideration all aspects of your house, from the orientation of your roof, your roof size, any any type of shading caused by vents and chimneys to surrounding trees.

Do I have any shading issues?

Every system will deal with shade from either clouds, dirt, birds etc which is why we recommend Enphase Microinverters. You must also take into consideration any obstructions nearby that may impact your system. The most common shading issues seen are from surrounding trees, which can easily be resolved by trimming or removing. Whichever solar installer you choose should help you assess the significance of your shading situation.

What kind of roof do I have? 

Did you know that unlike most solar installers, Palomar Solar specializes in all types of roofs! There are so many different materials, shapes and sizes, we pride ourselves on having done installations on them all. Composite, slate, clay tile to metal seam…the list goes on!

What condition is my roof in?

If your roof is already 25 years old or if your roof will need repairing in the near future, we recommend getting that roof in tip top shape in preparation for solar. You will want your roof in good condition with the durability to last the lifetime and warranty of the solar panels. Talk to your solar provider and CPA about possible tax credits that are available when prepping your roof for solar panels.


Still have questions about whether or not your roof is optimal for solar? Contact Palomar Solar today so an Energy consultant can further educate you!