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In 2012 Solar panels selling for as low as $4.87/watt

A solar energy system installed today costs less than an equivalent system installed in prior years. Cost-per-Watt describes how costs are related to the energy output of a solar energy system. The leading cause of decreasing costs is panel efficiency, which has steadily increased over the years.

Increases in panel efficiency bring costs down. All other things being held constant, costs fall as panel efficiency rises. Panel efficiency is part of a series on crystalline structure and material science that is beyond the scope of this article. Manufactures make improvements with each model they roll out.

Not only do costs decrease due to parts and labor, but newly-built solar energy systems also produce more electricity than older systems with the same number of panels. As a result of increased kWh production, cost-per-watt decreases given all other factors remaining the same. Efficient panels do a better job at converting the sun’s energy into usable electricity for use. Solar customers receive more usable electricity for the price they pay.

Purchasing a solar energy system requires considering a lot more than cost-per-watt and panel efficiency. To dramatically reduce energy costs and maximize the benefits of going solar, sign up for a free consultation today. It keeps getting cheaper to install solar panels in the U.S.