Beaumont, CA / Mitchell


Project Description

Client:   Mitchell

Location: Beaumont, CA
System Size: 3.76 kW DC
Completion Date: 08/12/2010

16 Siliken solar panels, 16 Enphase microinverters.
This system has per solar panel monitoring as well to hold all parties accountable for the 25 year warranties.

This system was installed within 2 months from signing the contract.
Time on site: 3 days.

Project Description:
This was our first Enphase installation. This customer changed the trajectory of Palomar Solar forever an in a great way. They had been calling contractors because they wanted the latest and greatest product: Enphase microinverters. At the time no one would install Enphase. Being a small company at the time we wanted to see what it was all about. So along with our customer we took a risk and it has paid of tremendously! We quickly realized all the differences and benefits Enphase microinverters brought to the table. The biggest one’s being the way the systems mitigate shade and the advantage of per solar panel monitoring.

Up until Enphase, there was no way to hold anyone accountable at the panel level for the 25 year warranties being offered. This single job changed our thinking and all residential and the majority of our commercial work has been with Enphase microinverters. After six years we are now the leader in Enphase installations in Southern California and very unique in that not only do we monitor all of our customer’s panels but they have access to the monitoring as well. Once homeowners see the difference and understand it. No one pics a central inverter anymore.

Note* Black on Black solar panels were not available at the time. It was not until a couple of years later that manufacturers starting making them.

Zip: 92223

“I would recommend them to anyone interested in purchasing and installing solar energy panels for their home. I was very impressed with them, they showed up on time, worked cleanly and answered any questions I had regarding my new system. We are very happy with the system we purchased through them and wouldn’t hesitate to do it all over again. Thank you Palomar!”

Scott, Beaumont, CA

Encinitas, CA / Kieran


Project Description

Client:   Kieran

Location: Encinitas, CA
System Size: 20.28 kW DC
Completion Date: 10/17/2013

78 Phono solar panels, 78 Enphase microinverters
This system has per solar panel monitoring as well to hold all parties accountable for the 25 year warranties

Project Description:
This customer has a beautiful property in Encinitas, so unlike a lot of ground mounts aesthetics was important to them. They decided to go with the black on black LG solar panels which look much better than silver frame and white back paper. Due to the size of the system we had to change out their main electrical panel as well. Trenching to the system was a little challenging given there was a small retaining wall. The project turned out great! They have since added a nice flat area for the kids and a beautiful pool.

Zip: 92024

``We researched and got quotes from several companies and in the end, decided to go with Palomar Solar for a large ground mount installation for our home. While their quote was competitive, I should point out that they were not the cheapest - but with an investment of this size, there were other factors that became more important. Adam was excellent to work with. He's a straight shooter who encouraged us to seek out independent opinions of his company and their competitors. He drove us around to see several similar ground mount installations that they had completed. At each location, he was greeted warmly and enthusiastically by his past clients. The installation was started and completed on time, with no cost add-ons or adjustments. The panels and monitoring system they recommended work as promised and look great. We even had our general contractor tell us (unsolicited) that our solar installation was one of the best ones he had seen. Palomar also processed our California Solar Initiative claim and took care of all the details. We received the rebate check a few months after the job was completed.

Overall, I'd recommend Palomar to any friend or family member who was considering solar. They're honest, easy to work with and great at what they do.... from the owners, on down to the electricians, installers and the administrative staff.”

Kieran - Encinitas, CA

Ramona, CA / Dolinger


Project Description

Client:  Dolinger

Location: Ramona, CA
System Size: 8.50 kW DC
Completion Date: 01/21/2014

34 MAGE solar panels, 34 Enphase microinverters
This system has per solar panel monitoring as well to hold all parties accountable for the 25 year warranties

Project Description:
J.D. is a straight shooter! I’ve never met someone more connected and true to their word! He had done extensive research and as a vet, was disappointed when another company told him they were giving him a veteran discount and it was still a $1,000 more than Palomar Solar using cheaper equipment and components. No one else had given him the option of black on black panels or shown him hundreds of systems they were monitoring at the panel level. Since his install, we have completed several projects for his friends. We really appreciate J.D. and our continued relationship!

Zip: 92065

``Adam is a straight shooter just like me. We immediately hit it off! But Adam was only the beginning. The entire team and staff at Palomar went above and beyond to make us happy. I have never had experienced anything like it with another contractor. I tell everyone I know about Palomar Solar. I’m still waiting to be on one of their radio commercials ha ha. Thank you Adam and Palomar Solar!``

Dolinger - Ramona, CA

Murrieta, CA / Davila


Project Description

Client:   Davila

Location: Murrieta, CA
System Size: 9.40 kW DC
Completion Date: 06/18/2012

40 Siliken solar panels, 40 Enphase microinverters
This system has per solar panel monitoring as well to hold all parties accountable for the 25 year warranties

Project Description:
Just like all of our customers, the Davila’s had done extensive research before choosing Palomar Solar. Our solution of using black on black LG panels and Enphase microinverters made the difference. The only real challenge of this project was in the main electrical panel change out, however due to our extensive experience in electrical solar installations the panel change went smoothly.

Zip: 92562

``We are very happy with our decision to choose Palomar Solar and have referred them to several neighbors. The entire company truly cares about each customer and it showed with every interaction.”

Davila - Murrieta, CA