Palomar Solar Helps Family Hold on to Their Energy Independence


When the Brunt family first reached out to Palomar Solar back in 2014 they needed servicing on an existing system that had a ton of issues, from a company that was no longer around. We see this time and time again, homeowners calling Palomar Solar because a defunct company will no longer answer their phone.

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Roof Isn’t Good For Solar?

Sometimes the best location for your solar solution is not on the roof or the ground, but on your barn, detached garage or workshop,

Here are excellent examples of creative solar solutions that we have done for our clients, when their roof was not a viable option due to shading, orientation etc. We aren’t afraid to think outside of the box!.

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NEM 2.0 in Southern California Edison Territory

The clock is ticking!

With less than 30 days left to get under the NEM 1.0 umbrella in SCE territory, we have limited spots left in our schedule, two at most. If you have been on the fence about going solar before NEM 2.0 happens, this weekend is the time to make the final decision. Please see the NEM 2.0 factsheet below to get more information on NEM 2.0 fees, TOU rates etc.

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