Lilac Fire Hits Home for Palomar Solar

With strong winds dying down, evacuations lifted, and the Lilac Fire being 95% contained, we are having many of our customers reach out for assistance. As always, we are happy to help. This hit home for us, over 50 of our customers and several of our employee’s homes and animals were in the path of the Lilac Fires destruction.

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Turko Files

KUSI’s Turko Files Stamps Palomar Solar “The Real Deal”

Turko Files Stamps Palomar Solar with “The Real Deal”

Michael Turko of KUSI News and Turko Files in San Diego, CA is a local legend known for his first-rate investigative reporting. Often exposing fraudulent companies, nasty scams and even government issues. He is a true advocate for the people in San Diego and at this point is recognizable almost everywhere he goes.

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Palomar Solar Gives Back

Palomar Solar Supports Our Troops


Palomar Solar with the support of our partners, Enphase Energy and LG Solar, will be giving away one home rooftop solar system to a local San Diego County Military family that will be specifically designed to their needs.  Palomar Solar wants to show their deep appreciation to our local troops that year after year continue to protect and serve the United States of America.

Palomar knows that a right-sized home solar system will substantially lighten the annual financial load for the average San Diego family while adding value to their home.  The System will be right-sized up to 7kW DC (24 LG solar panels, with Enphase IQ6 micro-inverters) which will offset roughly a $300 month electric bill, the system includes Palomar Solar standard offering of 25 year labor and workmanship warranties, 25 year roof penetration warranty and most importantly per solar panel monitoring for the life of the system.

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Thank you to our partners LG and Enphase Energy!



Call us today to learn more 760.504.0388

Palomar Solar Helps Family Hold on to Their Energy Independence


When the Brunt family first reached out to Palomar Solar back in 2014 they needed servicing on an existing system that had a ton of issues, from a company that was no longer around. We see this time and time again, homeowners calling Palomar Solar because a defunct company will no longer answer their phone.

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