Raghu Belur Of Enphase Energy Visits Palomar Solar Headquarters


Last week Raghu Belur, Co-Founder and Vice President of Products and Strategic Initiatives of Enphase Energy stopped by the Palomar Solar headquarters. We had a chance to rack his brain and listen to his plan for the future of not just solar, but more importantly the future of energy, in his eyes.

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100,000th Private Solar Array Connected to SDG&E’s Power Grid


Clean Energy Milestone: 100,000th Private Solar Array Connected to The Power Grid

“Connecting 100,000 private solar rooftops is a clean energy milestone worth celebrating and signifies this community’s commitment to increasing energy from sources that help reduce our environmental impact for the benefit of future generations,” said Caroline Winn, SDG&E’s chief energy delivery officer. “It is our job and commitment to expand access to clean energy innovation that delivers cleaner air for our customers. As part of this commitment, we are the top investor-owned utility in America for renewable energy sales. Our effort also extends to our ongoing work to aggressively expand electric vehicle charging to allow more of our consumers to drive on sunshine.”

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Broken Solar Systems - What do you do?

Solar Gone Wrong – Broken Solar Systems

Broken Solar Systems

In the last month alone we have received multiple calls from homeowners that have broken solar systems installed by companies that are no longer in business, or companies that aren’t accountable for their installs and their products. We want to educate consumers on the many companies that are looking to make a quick buck and then wash their hands of the install.

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The Importance Of A Committed Solar Company

Solar has been around long enough that the cream of the crop companies are emerging.  If a solar company has been around at least five years and has an excellent reputation with experience and good ethics you can feel comfortable doing business with them.
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Palomar Helps Another Church Go Solar

We were first introduced to New Hope Community Church from a residential consultation we did for one of their members.  Just like all of our projects their team interviewed several contractors before selecting Palomar Solar to help them go solar.  One of the things that stood out to us about New Hope Community Church, was that they even took the time as a group to meet us on site, of a couple of our solar panel projects, that we had completed with a similar roof type as theirs.
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I Live On The Coast, Is Solar Beneficial To Me?


Yes, solar panels still work in overcast weather. The sun is so powerful your panels will still absorb its energy! Although a cloudy day might make for lower production, it doesn’t matter – what matters is the sun you get year round.

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Palomar Solar Installation on Historical Coronado Island Home

This was a very special install as this Coronado Island home was built with top quality craftsmanship in 1925. This customer’s home is included as a historic home with the Coronado Historical Society and falls under The Mills Act which is California Legislation passed in 1971 designed to encourage the preservation of Historic Properties. The Mills Act is named for Coronado’s own Senator Jim Mills who crafted the legislation.

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