5 Things To Be Thankful For In Solar In 2013

Here’s a repost from the Enphase Community boards. Thank you for the brilliant ideas and support. Happy Thanksgiving All!

1. Blowing Past Grid Parity

The almost-mythical, long-awaited and hotly debated grid parity has arrived! We might actually have blown past it already. Large-scale utility solar systems in Latin America, Europe and the US now produce solar electricity a few cents below electric retail prices without relying on any subsidies. Residential rooftop systems in California and in countries like Spain and Germany also compete with ever increasing electric retail rates. Most observers agree: in 2013, solar reached grid parity and it will keep getting cheaper. Let’s all be thankful and get ready for some explosive solar growth in 2014.

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Cost Per Watt

In 2012 Solar panels selling for as low as $4.87/watt

A solar energy system installed today costs less than an equivalent system installed in prior years. Cost-per-Watt describes how costs are related to the energy output of a solar energy system. The leading cause of decreasing costs is panel efficiency, which has steadily increased over the years.

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