Client Testimonials

“Great…absolutely awesome….would definitely use them again and again and again!!!!”

Pamela - San Marcos, CA

“Palomar Solar was great from the first contact. No high pressure sales, simply answering questions honestly and coherently. Accessible, friendly and professional before and after the contract was signed and through the installation process. Installers were professional, courteous and cleaned up after themselves. Post-installation customer service is just as wonderful. Highly recommend them.”

Cindy E. - Escondido, CA

“After doing a lot of research into the different companies offering solar, we decided to go with Palomar Solar largely due to the excellent initial consultation with Adam Rizzo. All our questions were answered in a professional manner without any sales pressure. The installation happened very quickly and efficiently and we were pleased with the installation crew! Well mannered, courteous and very careful during the whole installation process. Would highly recommend this company if you’re considering solar.”

Wilhelmina V. - Escondido, CA

“I’m so happy we chose Palomar Solar to install our solar panels. They were professional, courteous, and fulfilled every promise. They handled all aspects of the permit and inspection process in a timely manner. The panel installation was completed very fast and we are now enjoying watching the meter run in reverse as we produce more than we use! They used the high quality panels and microinverters we had researched and we are looking forward to decades of no electric bills. The entire process couldn’t have been any smoother and they look great!”

Cindy T. - Oceanside, CA

“We researched and got quotes from several companies and in the end, decided to go with Palomar Solar for a large ground mount installation for our home.

While their quote was competitive, I should point out that they were not the “cheapest” – but with an investment of this size, there were other factors that became more important.

Adam was excellent to work with. He’s a straight shooter who encouraged us to seek out independent opinions of his company and their competitors. He drove us around to see several similar ground mount installations that they had completed. At each location, he was greeted warmly and enthusiastically by his past clients.

The installation was started and completed on time, with no cost add-ons or adjustments. The panels and monitoring system they recommended work as promised and look great. We even had our general contractor tell us (unsolicited) that our solar installation was one of the best ones he had seen.

Palomar also processed our California Solar Initiative claim and took care of all the details. We received the rebate check a few months after the job was completed.

Overall, I’d recommend Palomar to any friend or family member who was considering solar. They’re honest, easy to work with and great at what they do…. from the owners, on down to the electricians, installers and the administrative staff.

Pat K. – Encinitas, CA

“Simply stated, Adam and his crew have done exactly what they said they would do right from the beginning. My wife and I felt very comfortable having Adam in our home to talk about the system and we never felt like we were being gouged or ripped off. There was never any pressure from Adam and after speaking with a few of my co-workers, I knew we were getting a great price. This has actually become a sore subject with one of my co-workers in particular as he was clearly ripped off by another company who installed a solar system within the last year.

I was super-amazed at how everyone in their company seems to have a part in the overall process. Whether it was staying in contact with the city, SDGE or just providing me an update, I always felt very informed about what was going on.

My panels have been installed for about a month now and I couldn’t be more satisfied. I feel embarrassed to mention that I have had to call Adam about what seemed to be stupid questions. I consistently received a return email or telephone call within minutes. Adam even came out to my house well after the installation to ensure that all of my questions were answered.

Adam, you and your company are a shining example of solid customer service. Thank you very much for taking care of us through this entire process!”

Mark H. – La Mesa, CA

Mark H. – La Mesa, CA

“I cannot say enough good things about Andy, Adam, and the Palomar Solar team.They are knowledgeable, professional, and very responsive. We have 45 ground mounted LG 285w panels with Enphase m250 microinverters.

I wanted to wait a few weeks for my review to see how the system production is and it has been excellent. The ground mounts are also beautifully manufactured and installation down to the smallest detail was very professional. The entire team, down to all of the hard working laborers, are very pleasant and the upgrades on our system (digging through our yard thanks to SDGE) and panel replacement were fairly priced.

I am very picky and do not get along well with contractors (we have done multiple home remodels) but Andy and his team were great. Highly recommended!

Ken S. – Rancho Santa Fe, CA

“I did a lot of studying the topic of solar power before I contacted a company for estimates. It was kind of an interesting experience, as each company has their own agenda. The first company that came to my house came completely unprepared and the sales rep really tried to push a lease on me, even though I told the rep I was not interested in a lease.

The second company that came tried to sell me on a lease, but, understood that I wanted to purchase my system. I made an inquiry into getting a system with micro inverters, and this company did not sell this product. I sent them away.

I continued to walk my neighborhood and noticed things I did not like about the installs on my neighbors houses. Things like conduit running down and across roofs, conduit being punched through roofs, and exposed conduit running up and down outside walls really had me worried about installing solar.

My next company was Palomar Solar. Adam Rizzo was the Salesman for Palomar. I discussed my thoughts on the system I was looking for, and Palomar was able to sell me what I was looking for. I took Adam for a ride around my neighborhood and showed him what I did not want my house to look like. That was when I learned they did all of the work, no subcontractors. The crew that came to my house was on time and did great work.

I purchased a 5kw system that has consistently outperformed the 5kw mark. I was able to run my A/C unit as required, and went crazy with Christmas lights. On my settlement date with SDG&E i was quite please to find out I was able to run my house all year, and have generated an excess amount of electricity. I now have a credit of $88.00 on my electric bill. Imagine that, I ran my house all year with no electric bill and have a credit from SDG&E. I was also able to get a very nice tax refund due to the rebates for installing solar. if you lease, you will not see the tax refund, that goes to the company you are leasing from.

Thank you Adam, and the rest of the good folks at Palomar. You did a great job at my house. Sorry it took so long to get this review up, I just wanted to make sure that I was going to be really happy with my system. I am, and I have to report, some of my neighbors are not so happy with the leased systems they have after talking to me and seeing the difference in the quality of work your company did, compared to the work done by subcontractors hired by the leasing companies.

If you are thinking about solar, I would strongly recommend you contact Palomar Solar for one of the estimates you get. Adam, if you want to bring folks around to see the quality of your work I will be more than happy to show prospective customers the install your company did as well as my electric bill!”

Rick D. – Escondido, CA

“After researching Solar for my home for several months I decided to go with Palomar Solar because they are a company that has the old fashioned values of workmanship and quality. I dealt with Adam Rizzo who was their leading sales person. He asked if I had researched solar and I mentioned I had looked into 5-6 companies that were national as well as local. Because I had done the research he went on to make sure I knew what I was getting into and detailed all the specifics that I had researched as well as added new information. He invited me to the company headquarters in Escondido to view how the process works and gave me a tour of recent Palomar Solar installations. None of the other companies went that far.

I am a former business owner and I was impressed by the way business was handled. I was promised I would be up and running by 5 days after the installation.

I am happy to say that was the case. The installation took only two days to complete.

Solar is sold by more than 400 companies in San Diego County. Palomar Solar in my opinion is number one as far as I am concerned.”

Darwin L. - Chula Vista, CA

“We decided to have Palomar Solar install our new solar system on our remodeled house as they got good reviews on Yelp and we liked the technology they were selling (microinverters). Now I know why they got such great reviews. I bombarded poor Adam with questions before I made my final decision and he was happy to answer them even at crazy hours. They also were the only ones willing to do the install during my remodel so they could better hide the conduit. All the other companies wanted me to call them when I was done so they could install their ugly conduit on the outside rather than running it through the attic space (why???). Bottom line is that you would have a hard time finding a nicer bunch of guys to install your system and they are still happy to answer my emails even though the system has been up and running or over 2 months. I can recommend these guys without hesitation.”

Conlan - Escondido, CA

“Short version: they do a fantastic job. They’re not the cheapest, but you will get what you pay for. You should definitely look at Palomar Solar if you’re considering solar for your home or business.
Longer version: When we decided to take the plunge on solar, I had already done the research on the technology and pretty much knew what I wanted. The big question mark was the installer, which are a dime a dozen these days. I did not want to go with a hack job that was going to leave my tile roof in shatters, use poor quality wiring, etc.
Palomar Solar already had a number of positive reviews and, when I spoke to them, I understood why. They use and recommend the products that I had already selected through my own research. (Siliken panels and enphase microinverters) They also had a large portfolio of installed projects that was impressive and spoke to their
experience in the field.
They were not the cheapest company we talked to, but nor do they use the cheapest materials, either. We selected them because they appeared to be the best choice from a quality perspective since we expect to have this system for 20+ years.
The installation was about as smooth as could be expected for an install like this. There was one thing about the install I didn’t like (the way the conduit was run) and they agreed to fix it without too much fuss, with the end result being something we were completely happy with. (side note for anyone looking at solar for their house: make sure you think about the aesthetics of how the wires get from the panels on your roof to the electrical panel and, if you have opinions on that, voice them early in the process)
Their staff are all very knowledgeable and experienced, which shows in their work product. They did an excellent job of cleaning up after themselves and, overall, were very polite and professional.
Overall, I heartily recommend Palomar Solar.”

Lieber - Riverside, CA

“We received bids from several companies before settling on Palomar Solar. They were very professional to deal with and answered all questions asked. They are passionate about what they do & the products they sell. The installation went well with no surprises. They also pointed out that the brand of our existing electrical panel was not of good quality (verified by my brother who is an electrician), and replaced it as part of the installation. We really enjoy monitoring our system output with the enPhase on-line site. We highly recommend Palomar Solar!”

Havener - Alpine, CA

“I would recommend them to anyone interested in purchasing and installing solar energy panels for their home. I was very impressed with them, they showed up on time, worked cleanly and answered any questions I had regarding my new system. We are very happy with the system we purchased through them and wouldn’t hesitate to do it all over again. Thank you Palomar!”

Scott - Beaumont, CA

“Choosing Palomar Solar for our home solar system was one of the easiest, most comfortable decisions we ever made.
When I first met Adam Rizzo of Palomar Solar, my husband and I had already narrowed down our search for solar companies, yet we couldn’t seem to make a final decision. When we met Adam, his knowledgeable, low pressure manner immediately put us at ease. Adam was able to quote the same solar panels that other companies had recommended, but his suggestion of special inverters for the multiple angles of our roofline was especially unique. Even though we trusted Adam, we still did our homework and checked out Palomar’s references. The result was nothing but positive feedback.
Our installation was done in a prompt and painless manner. The entire crew was courteous and very professional. Our property was kept tidy throughout the installation and the entire job was completed within a matter of days.

I am writing this review over six months since our installation and we still
have nothing but positive comments to make about Palomar Solar.”

Young - San Diego, CA

“Palomar Solar recently did a fantastic job on my solar installation. They acted like top class professionals from introduction through system sustainment. They have also been uncommonly responsive, helpful, courteous, and friendly. I would classify this company as a premium boutique on the rise. I am confident their personalized customer service, professional installations, and great product offerings designed to optimize customer performance will ensure their continued success. My system is already trending delivery of 10%-15% more electriticy than what it was rated for and it’s only February, but I shouldn’t be surprised because that is exactly what Adam told me it would do. I highly recommend this Palomar Solar to anyone who is considering solar, and for anyone who is even
slightly considering solar, I say… Just Do It!!!!”

Poirier - Rancho Penasquitos, CA

“I have interviewed solar companies for the past year on and off. Then with the recent rate hikes I started actively pursuing finding a solar installer. Well that turned out to be a nightmare from high priced costs, to pushy sales people and even to the point of some of them talking badly about other local installers. Then stepped in Adam with Palomar Solar. His first visit took about an hour to review the home, energy bills, gives some information on his company and rough costs on what he thought he would take to install a system. He even said he preferred we review the information and think about it before making any decisions. First reaction was Wow!! We reviewed the info he left sent several questions to him via email, text and phone calls. Not once was he pushy.

We selected Palomar Solar and from that time forward we were not disappointed at all. From the office personnel to the installers and finally inspections, everything was done as we were told it would be done.

I want to personally thank everyone at Palomar Solar for being professional, honest and delivering everything you said you would.

Highly recommended.”

Joe R. – Fallbrook, CA

“I first became interested in solar when the Pres promised that energy costs would “necessarily sky-rocket” and California decided to proceed with “cap and trade”. I interviewed six neighbors who had installed solar with other companies and had mixed success stories. I made telephone contact with a number of Palomar customers; all of whom were well-satisfied. Of the bids I received, Palomar was the only contractor to offer the Enphase feature which will enhance my energy production. Palomar’s performance from start finish was first rate.”

Dawson – San Diego, CA

“If you are comparing their systems with other competition, then please don’t. At least 3 different companies over rated their system output (in KW) to make it look more economical. Where as Palomar promised that their solar installation will produce what they gaurantee and then some. I compared apples to apples (panel’s output, panel’s efficiency, inverter’s efficiency, hours of daily sunlight, etcetera), and Palomar was upfront about these details, while others seem to disregard panel, inverter efficiency and/or hours of daily sunlight. Palomar did not exagerate their system output, and as a result our energy production went skyrocket in the summer months. I am also extremely happy with the Enphase inverter units thus far, not to mention the fact that I can check the output anytime and feel good about how much energy I am producing. On top of the normal installation services, Palomar replaced some broken tiles on our roof, showed us pictures during the installation project, kept us informed on all the paper work, surely also did all the paper work for us, ….

Nanavati – Poway, CA

“After lots of research and meeting with multiple companies, we choose Palomar solar for our 5.8 kWh system. We went with Palomar because they offered us the best technology at a competitive price and, most importantly, had wonderful reviews from friends who had used them.
Adam was, and still is, always available to answer our numerous questions and to make sure we would be happy with the project by going over all the details before installation began.
After several bad experiences with contractors, I was very pleased that Palomar only asked for $1000 down with the rest to paid after the system had passed inspection and was functioning. The installation process was very smooth. It took three days, just as promised. The conduits were painted to match my ceiling tiles and terracotta. Everything was cleaned at the end of each day.
Overall, I give Palomar Solar my highest recommendation. They did exactly what they said they would and now my meter is running backward!”

Feinstein – San Diego, CA

“One of the most outstanding items they did for me. As Palomar was working on the solar panels, I was also working on replacing some of my electric outlets. Since I am not an electrician, I managed to install some of my GFI outlets incorrectly. I had to leave state as part of the United States Navy. I called Adam and explained that it was probably my fault but if he could have one of their electrician’s take a quick look to see if they did something wrong. When Palomar electricians investigated it was absolutely something I did wrong. They fixed my electric and said that the repair work on my mistakes was free as they were happy to help out the military in time of need.”

Henson – Escondido, CA