Project Description

Client:   Nanavati

Location: Poway, CA
System Size: 4.23 kW DC
Completion Date: 05/13/2011

18 Siliken solar panels, 18 Enphase microinverters.

“If you are comparing their systems with other competition, then please don’t. At least 3 different companies over rated their system output (in KW) to make it look more economical. Whereas Palomar promised that their solar installation will produce what they guarantee and then some. I compared apples to apples (panel’s output, panel’s efficiency, inverter’s efficiency, hours of daily sunlight, etcetera), and Palomar was upfront about these details, while others seem to disregard panel, inverter efficiency and/or hours of daily sunlight. Palomar did not exaggerate their system output, and as a result our energy production went skyrocket in the summer months. I am also extremely happy with the Enphase inverter units thus far, not to mention the fact that I can check the output anytime and feel good about how much energy I am producing. On top of the normal installation services, Palomar replaced some broken tiles on our roof, showed us pictures during the installation project, kept us informed on all the paper work, surely also did all the paper work for us, ….

If you are seriously thinking of going solar, at least call them up and set up a meeting. Later if need be, you can also ask them to show you their work – I have my name on list of customers if anyone wished to see their work in person. Of all the 6+ different Solar Companies I have personally followed up with, they are undoubtedly the BEST IN TOWN.”

Nanavati, Poway, CA
Nanavati, Poway, CA