Project Description

Client:   Smeraldi

Location: Murrieta, CA
System Size: 5.64 kW DC
Completion Date: 06/20/2011

24 Siliken solar panels, 24 Enphase microinverters
This system has per solar panel monitoring as well to hold all parties accountable for the 25 year warranties.

The job was completed within 3 months of signing the contract.
Time on site: 3 days

Project Description:
This is one of our favorite customers! Mrs. Smeraldi and her husband did extensive research before choosing Palomar Solar. They were one of the early adopters to Enphase technology. We can’t thank them enough for placing their confidence in Palomar Solar in the early days and all the referrals! The systems should almost have paid for itself by now.

Zip: 92562