All German Auto Solar System

Project Description

Client:   All German Auto

Location: Escondido, CA
System Size: 53.68 kW DC
Completion Date: 12/16/2015

176 LG solar panels, 176 Enphase microinverters

Project Description:
All German Auto was founded in 1991 and has an excellent reputation for taking care of their customers. After extensive research we are thankful and honored they choose Palomar Solar to help them go solar!

Our initial design was to have all the panels facing south. However, during our permit review the Fire department had asked for additional space around the sky lights. This resulted in a significant amount of lost panels and production. So, in order to get the production All German Auto needed, we went with an East / West racking system, thereby allowing us to meet our goals.

The other challenge was the existing main electrical panel. To back feed all the solar power we ended up installing a new main electrical panel which had to be custom made to fit in the available space. The job was completed in two weeks with all panels on within 5 days, just before the end of 2015 ensuring they received their tax credit.

This system has per solar panel monitoring which is unique, especially in commercial applications. In our opinion it’s the only way to hold all manufacturers accountable at the panel level for the 25 year warranties the products come with.


Zip: 92029