Project Description

Client: Keszei

Location: Coronado, CA
System Size: 5.10 kW DC
Completion Date:  07/27/2015

17 LG solar panels, 17 Enphase microinverters

Project Description:
The challenge of homes on the island of Coronado are that the homes are usually on small lots or long narrow lots, sometimes reducing the ability to add enough solar panels to cover 100% of a homeowners electricity needs. A large nationwide solar vendor told the Keszei’s that they could only get 11 solar panels on their roof which would have only produced 74% of their annual needs. Palomar Solar was able to install 17, 315 Watt panels by utilizing the garage roof and their home roof which now produces over 100% of their annual electricity needs, completely eliminating their electricity bill. We look at every project with the goal in mind to meet all of a homeowners production needs. Often times that means extra work and some added creativity, but that’s what makes Palomar Solar a unique solar provider.

Zip: 92119