Project Description

Client: Sauvage

Location: La Jolla, CA
System Size: 3.75 kW DC
Completion Date: 03/01/2013

Product: 15 MAGE solar panels, 15 Enphase microinverters

Project Description:
This customer came to Palomar Solar in need of a helping hand. His solar system was installed by an unprofessional solar contractor that gave him a terrible installation that was not producing properly and not only left him in the hole financially, but left him with little confidence in solar installers period. Palomar Solar jumped at the opportunity to help him out. Once we assessed the situation we realized we would need to tear down the existing system and start fresh. We salvaged whatever materials we could and got to work.  This customer was satisfied and appreciated the customer service and the attention to detail that we gave to his home. Since then, we have installed additional panels on his home and he has given us several referrals. Another example of just how far above and beyond we will go to get the job done, the right way.

Zip: 92037