Valley Center, CA / Cheatham


Project Description

Client: Cheatham

Location: Valley Center, CA
System Size: 8.84 kW DC
Completion Date: 04/17/2014

Product: 34 LG solar panels, 34 Enphase microinverters

Zip: 92082

Poway, CA / Belway


Project Description

Client: Belway

Location: Poway, CA
System Size: 19.80 kW DC
Completion Date: 05/06/2014

Product: 66 LG solar panels, 66 Enphase microinverters

Zip: 92064

Descanso, CA / Leonhardt


Project Description

Client: Leonhardt

Location: Descanso, CA
System Size: 3.78 kW DC
Completion Date:  12/11/2014

Product: 14 LG solar panels, 14 Enphase microinverters

Zip: 91916

Hemet, CA / Coutts


Project Description

Client: Coutts

Location: Hemet, CA
System Size: 13.50 kW DC
Completion Date:  12/18/2014

Product: 50 LG solar panels, 50 Enphase microinverters

Zip: 92544

El Cajon, CA / Dickow


Project Description

Client: Dickow

Location: El Cajon, CA
System Size: 15.00 kW DC
Completion Date:  04/01/2015

Product: 60 MAGE solar panels, 60 Enphase microinverters

Zip: 92069

Calimesa, CA / Drake


Project Description

Client: Drake

Location:Calimesa, CA
System Size: 12.15 kW DC
Completion Date:  05/12/2015

45 LG solar panels, 45 Enphase microinverters

Zip: 92320

El Cajon, CA / Cluff


Project Description

Client: Cluff

Location: El Cajon, CA
System Size: 10.80 kW DC
Completion Date:  08/25/2015

40 LG solar panels, 40 Enphase microinverters

Project Description:
This ground mount in Blossum Valley is a great compliment to this beautiful home and the grounds surrounding it. This client was a referral from their neighbor that purchased a solar system from Palomar Solar . This project was signed and installed within a month using our Fast-Track system.

Zip: 92021

Fallbrook, CA / Callahan


Project Description

Client:  Callahan

Location: Fallbrook, CA
System Size: 12.00 kW DC
Completion Date:  11/04/2015

40 LG solar panels, 40 Enphase microinverters

Zip: 92028

Escondido, CA / Ackerman


Project Description

Client:  Ackerman

Location: Escondido, CA
System Size: 16.50 kW DC
Completion Date:  11/13/2015

55 LG solar panels, 55 Enphase microinverters

Zip: 92019

Rancho Santa Fe, CA / Torbati


Project Description

Client:  Torbati

Location: Rancho Santa Fe, CA
System Size: 15.00 kW DC
Completion Date:  12/07/2015

50 LG solar panels, 50 Enphase microinverters

Zip: 92067