Escondido, CA / Jubela


Project Description

Client:   Jubela

Location: Escondido, CA
System Size: 14.70 kW DC
Completion Date: 04/05/2013

60 MAGE solar panels, 60 Enphase microinverters with per solar panel monitoring

Project Description:
This customer, had met with over five other contractors prior to selecting Palomar Solar to install a 60-panel ground mount at his beautiful home. The project ended up being much easier than we anticipated, Mr. Jubela had the forethought to add conduit beneath his driveway when he built the house so we didn’t have to dig a trench through his brand new driveway. The only real challenge was the footings for the mount we had to dig in running into large rocks. He chose the Enphase system so he could have the accountability of the per panel monitoring.

Zip: 92029

Alpine, CA / Whaley

Palomar Solar enphase energy Whaley

Project Description

Client:   Whaley

Location: Alpine, CA
System Size:  9.18 kW DC
Completion Date: 03/18/2015

34 LG solar panels, 34 Enphase microinverters
This system has per solar panel monitoring as well to hold all parties accountable for the 25 year warranties

Project Description:
This was a fairly straightforward ground mount. We needed to change out the main electrical panel to accommodate the solar. Anytime you are building a ground mount you really do not know what to expect once you start trenching. The homeowner was able to identify most of the irrigation lines but it’s not uncommon to hit a couple and fix as you go.

The system turned out great and the homeowner is very happy!

Zip: 91901

Escondido, CA / Fishell


Project Description

Client: Fishell

Location: Escondido, CA
System Size: 12.00 kW DC
Completion Date: 12/01/16

Product: 40 LG solar panels, 40 Enphase microinverters

Zip: 92027

Bonita, CA / Soggs


Project Description

Client: Soggs

Location: Bonita, CA
System Size: 9.60 kW DC
Completion Date: 11/02/16

Product: 32 LG solar panels, 32 Enphase microinverters

Zip: 91902

Temecula, CA / Shanabarger


Project Description

Client: Shanabarger

Location: Temecula, CA Solar Panel Installation
System Size: 23.52 kW DC
Completion Date: 11/10/2011

96 Siliken solar panels, 96 Enphase microinverters
This Temecula solar panel installation has per solar panel monitoring as well to hold all parties accountable for the 25 year warranties

Project Description:
At the time this was our largest ground mount we had built. They had been looking into solar for a couple of years and saw one of our trucks and decided to meet with us. We are happy they did! In addition to the solar we installed a 27 kW generator just in case with an automatic transfer switch. There were many challenges to this project. We had to install a new 600 amp service to accommodate the solar. There was over 400 feet of trenching on this project. Upon completion of the project we noticed with the Enphase per panel monitoring that 10 panels throughout the array were under performing by 10%. We were able to quickly identify them and replace them. This was our first experience in the important role per solar panel monitoring plays with a solar system. If he had went with a central inverter that just showed the output as a whole those 10 panels would have been bringing down the rest of the strings and he would have never known. The project was completed on time without one change order! By now the system should almost have paid for itself.

Zip: 92592

Rancho Santa Fe, CA / Lathen-Newman


Project Description

Client: Lathen-Newman

Location: Rancho Santa Fe, CA
System Size: 11.76 kW DC
Completion Date: 12/10/2016

Product: 48 MAGE solar panels, 48 Enphase microinverters

Zip: 92067

Murrieta, CA / Sinkiewicz


Project Description

Client: Sinkiewicz

Location: Murrieta, CA
System Size: 10.29 kW DC
Completion Date: 09/02/2013

Product: 42 MAGE solar panels, 42 Enphase microinverters

Zip: 92562

Murrieta, CA / Ogden


Project Description

Client: Ogden

Location: Murrieta, CA
System Size: 10.00 kW DC
Completion Date: 02/14/2014

Product: 40 MAGE solar panels, 40 Enphase microinverters

Zip: 92562

Riverside, CA / McClain


Project Description

Client: McClain

Location: Riverside, CA
System Size: 13.00 kW DC
Completion Date: 02/21/2014

Product: 50 Phono solar panels, 50 Enphase microinverters

Zip: 92504

Rancho Santa Fe, CA / Schild


Project Description

Client: Schild

Location: Rancho Santa Fe, CA
System Size: 12.83 kW DC
Completion Date: 02/26/2014

Product: 45 MAGE solar panels, 45 Enphase microinverters

Zip: 92067