Palomar Solar has given away a free home solar system

Palomar Solar Congratulates our 2019 Home Solar System Winners

For years now Palomar Solar has given away a free home solar system to deserving Military families, and we would like to congratulate the 2019 Miramar airshow winners.

Over the summer military families entered the Palomar Solar Gives back sweepstakes where we promised to give away a new home solar system of up to 24 panels.

Finalists were randomly selected and invited to attend the airshow in our runway fronting chalet where one of them was going to win a free home solar system. Every system was designed to offset between 110% to 130% of their previous 12-month electricity needs.

Thanks to our Partners at Enphase Energy, LG Solar and Everest Racking, we were able to award all 3 finalists their Palomar Solar designed PV system.

Congratulations to:

K. Chew-Crane – San Diego – Active Marine – system size 3.2kw – 25yr savings $59,000
J. Monday – San Diego – Navy Retired – system size 4.48kw – 25yr savings $109,000
J. Dubski – Escondido – Navy Veteran – system size 5.12kw – 25yr savings $99,000

Palomar Solar was established in 2009 and is one of Southern California’s premier solar PV installation companies.

As a “boutique” solar energy installation company we have a creative, solution-focused organization, uniquely suited to handle any installation challenge, ie: roof mount, ground mount, commercial solar; home, business or a church. We offer top quality products and no work is sub- contracted.

Every system installed by Palomar Solar is based on our continued commitment to excellence and staying ahead of advancements in a rapidly changing industry. We handle all of the paperwork and documentation for you, including; processing city or county permits, utility interconnections and state rebates (when available).

Palomar Solar has installed over 50,000 solar panels on homes and business all while maintaining one of the best
reputations in the industry. Notable clients include Waxie Sanitary Supplies and Goodwill San Diego.

If you would like more information please contact Adam Rizzo at (760 715‐2820 or

Palomar Solar and Roofing Gives Back Again

Palomar Solar and Roofing Gives Back

Palomar Solar and Roofing Gives Away a Rooftop Solar System

Palomar Solar and Roofing, with the support of our partners Enphase Energy and LG Solar, we’ll again be giving away one home rooftop solar system, no strings attached. At the 2019 Miramar Airshow, one San Diego County Military family will receive a solar system designed to their needs.

Palomar Solar and Roofing wants to continue to show their appreciation to our local troops that year after year protect and serve the United States of America.

We at Palomar Solar have been blessed with tremendous success over the last 10 years installing well over 3000 PV Solar systems in Southern California; as a result we wanted to ‘give back’ to our community. That said we couldn’t think of a better place to start than with those who serve us all, so we can enjoy the best quality of life in the world. As San Diegan’s we know it doesn’t get better than here. That is why we have chosen to ‘Give Back’ to our local community by giving a real, ‘right sized’ solar system to an active or retired military family in San Diego where we started our company,” says Dwight “Andy” Anderson – owner and founder of Palomar Solar and Roofing.

Palomar knows that a right sized home solar system will lighten the annual financial load for the average San Diego family while adding value to their home. The System will be right sized up to 7kW DC (24 LG solar panels, with Enphase IQ7 micro-inverters), which will offset roughly a $300 month electric bill. The system includes Palomar Solar’s standard offering of 25 year labor and workmanship warranties, 25 year roof penetration warranty, and most importantly, per-solar-panel-monitoring for the life of the system.

For official sweepstakes rules and to enter please visit

Past Winners:
1. Paul Newman – U.S Marine Corps
2. Anthony & Maria Braithwaite – U.S. Marine Corps
3. Harold Allister – U.S. Navy
4. Adam Webber – Navy Seal Veteran
5. John Vojtas – Retired Navy
6. Carl Boeck – Air Force Veteran

Thank you to our partners LG and Enphase Energy!



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What to do if your solar company goes out of business?

What to do if your Solar Installer Disappears?

Are you an orphaned solar customer?

How Palomar can help!

A growing issue our industry is customers abandoned when a solar installer goes out of business. We consistently receive calls similar to the example below:

CallerHi, I already have solar system on my house but something is wrong, can you help me?

Palomar: We likely can, but have you tried your original installer? As we were not the original installers we would need to charge you for our time.

CallerWell,I tried that.  At first, no one would answer the phone.  Upon further investigation, we discovered they went out of business.  Please help!

PalomarI’m sorry to hear that, let’s start by getting some information.

Unfortunately, the volume of these types of calls is increasing dramatically.   We estimate 90% of the our inquiries are customers looking for someone to service their previously installed system because the company no longer exists, while the other 10% are simply unhappy with their current installers level of service.  We call these the “Orphaned Customers.”

The issue began when these customers agreed to do business with an installer, but failed to thoroughly verify them.  These companies were happy to take the contract and the customer’s money under false pretenses and with empty promises of worry-free service for the next 25 years at no extra cost.  Unfortunately, once these companies got their money, they went off the radar, abandoning the customer with nowhere to turn when problems arise with their system.

Orphaned solar customers will call us expressing regret they didn’t use a reputable company like Palomar initially.  After learning a tough lesson, these customer are now experts at due diligence – they want a company who isn’t going to put them in a deeper hole than they are already in.  After making a few calls, we seem to be the only company who is actually willing to step up to help those who have been orphaned by their original installer. Most companies turn these individuals away – mostly because there’s no large profit to be made.  Although we didn’t do the install we’re willing to help.


I’m an orphaned solar customer, what can I do?

Upon initial contact with Palomar, one of our certificated solar experts will take the time to hear your story and explain our service fee structure.  We’ll gather some basic information crucial for us to assess your situation and determine potential solutions.  At the completion of this initial phase, we’ll have a much better understand of how we can help.

If Palomar can help an orphaned solar customer, we forward them our service agreement where we have established relatively inexpensive fees.


Why are there fees?

It’s an unfortunate situation as customers were initially sold the concept that once you pay for a solar system, the rest is history. So naturally, having additional expenditures that were not expected is going to be uncomfortable and unwelcome.  We understand the frustration involved by trusting a company that has gone out of business and is not living up to their part.  Palomar is a respectable and trusted resource to help orphaned customers and offer potential solutions.  While we are fully accountable for our solar installations, certain fees are necessary as part of those ongoing solutions for orphaned customers.  A Palomar certified expert can explains the fees in more detail.


Why Palomar?

Few companies will even offer help to orphaned solar customers.  We understand how difficult and desperate your situation can be and the frustration caused solely by your initial installer.   At Palomar, you’re not only receiving “help” with your system, you’re receiving service from a reliable and honest company to take you on as our own customer with the benefits offering per-panel monitoring, taking over the RMA process when needed, and providing leading customer service.

Additionally, as a Palomar customer, you can rest assured that if you experience any issues to work we completed, we will take care of them in a timely manner with no service charge.  We make it our duty to help you maintain your investment.

If you are an orphaned solar customer, call us today

Contact us! We would love to chat with you 1.760.504.0388.

Microinverters Vs. Central Inverters – Solar Panels

I get asked this all the time (Adam Rizzo, one of the founding partners of Palomar Solar). Why does Palomar Solar prefer Enphase microinverters over central inverters in residential applications? We were just like most solar contractors when we started out. We started with central inverters right about the time Enphase was coming to market. One of the partners at Palomar installed one on his home not convinced of this new technology. It wasn’t until about six months later when we received a call from a customer who was having trouble finding anyone who would install Enphase. We took it as the perfect opportunity to try it out and we have not looked back since. Why?

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Palomar Solar Helps WAXIE Go Solar!

Palomar Solar WAXIE Goes Solar Project

WAXIE was looking for a local family owned solar company to complete a 1,260 solar panel project, and Palomar Solar was chosen.

Overall the new solar panels should offset approximately 80% of their electricity.
Check out the video of Palomar Solar making Waxie green.

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Gas & Electric Rate Increase Tips Scale Toward Solar

My friend and I were sharing stories the other day. This story is hers:

“As a long time Southern California resident, I never doubted my decision to go solar back in 2006. It’s hard to argue with positive cash flow from day one, but there are countless other times when the wisdom of generating my own electricity really hits home.

“Utility companies have announced large rate hikes for many of its customers effective September 2013 and RETROACTIVE TO JANUARY 1, 2012! OMG, I want to climb up on my roof and kiss each of my solar panels individually to thank them for all of the money they save/make me. My solar system is by far the hardest working home improvement I ever did especially in light of the massive SDGE rate increase.

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ALEC calls for penalties for ‘freerider’ homeowners in assault on clean energy

An alliance of corporations and conservative activists is mobilising to penalise homeowners who install their own solar panels – casting them as “freeriders” – in a sweeping new offensive against renewable energy, the Guardian has learned. [*]

Over the coming year, the American Legislative Exchange Council (Alec) will promote legislation with goals ranging from penalising individual homeowners and weakening state clean energy regulations, to blocking the Environmental Protection Agency, which is Barack Obama’s main channel for climate action. [*]

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Solar Power Systems Save Utilities Transmission Costs

It is true that solar-system owners are being compensated at a higher rate than wholesale energy suppliers, but the energy is being consumed on site. This reduces the stress on the power lines during peak load and can reduce the need to upgrade or add capacity to the existing network.

Dec. 1, 2013 3:38 p.m. ET

In response to your Nov. 20 editorial “Arizona’s Solar Flare-Up”:

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5 Things To Be Thankful For In Solar In 2013

Here’s a repost from the Enphase Community boards. Thank you for the brilliant ideas and support. Happy Thanksgiving All!

1. Blowing Past Grid Parity

The almost-mythical, long-awaited and hotly debated grid parity has arrived! We might actually have blown past it already. Large-scale utility solar systems in Latin America, Europe and the US now produce solar electricity a few cents below electric retail prices without relying on any subsidies. Residential rooftop systems in California and in countries like Spain and Germany also compete with ever increasing electric retail rates. Most observers agree: in 2013, solar reached grid parity and it will keep getting cheaper. Let’s all be thankful and get ready for some explosive solar growth in 2014.

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